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Aimil Zymnet Syp 200 Ml

Price ₹156.25
Availability: 48 In Stock

Zymnet Syrup acts as an appetizer and repellent. It can relieve nausea during pregnancy and improve digestion. Generally beneficial for indigestion, flatulence, gastritis, abdominal pain and colic, indigestion, and morning sickness.

Aimil Neeri Syp 200 Ml

Price ₹231.25
Availability: 49 In Stock

Neeri is a proprietary multi-herb Ayurvedic formula designed to solve urinary problems. Neeri relies on its superb herbal extracts to correct and prevent various urinary problems, such as burning urination, cloudy or occult blood in urine, dripping blood, and painful urination in elderly men.