Pigmentation is caused due to genetics, hormonal changes, during pregnancy, or excess use of birth control pills. It may occur by stress, or sun exposure, due to injury. It can also occurred due to the frequent use of hair dyes. or tattoos. It affects the skin and changes the color of the skin. Some of the home remedies can be very useful: Apply aloe vera juice to lighten dark spots. You can use fresh leaves of aloe and apply them all over the face or the pigmented area. Leave it for 15 min and wash it off. Milk and honey are the best for this problem. you can mix them both and apply them to the affected area for 15 min then wash them. Better to use sunscreen lotion every day. The most traditional method you can use is Haldi and milk. 3tsp Haldi and 6tsp of milk and apply it on the face or the area and leave it for 20 min and then wash it off. But you should take advice from your doctor first. Lukoskin syrup and gel can be used, as there are no harmful chemicals in it. it is safe and effective.

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