There are many universal truths in the world that all do relate to our surviving life and affect it from every aspect. And one of them is “Health is the wealth”. To survive happy life the first requirement is to be fit and updated in terms of health. Now let's see what is health?

What is health?

The condition of the body, which shows completeness and purity in mental, physical, and spiritual stages, is known as good and complete health. The body’s metabolic efficiency and natural function define the health condition and completeness, having good health allow people to do their desired and daily routine work. Good health is used to invite happiness in our life along with long-lasting age.

Our actual well-being tells that the body isn't experiencing any sort of sickness and it is prosperity. 

Along with all the above, the first thing that comes to our mind is - How to be healthy and perfect? And what are the ways that may provide a healthy routine? 

If we see in around us then most people are suffering from the digestive system and diabetes is also available in every 3rd or fourth person. Improper digestion system and gastric problems in our stomach invite several diseases, in which diabetes is also available. 

If we see then the improper activities in our daily routines make us lazy and sick. And this may result in diabetes first all. Let me know what is it?

 The Diabetes:

It is a kind of disease that occurs when the level of sugar gets higher in our blood which is known as blood sugar. The main source of energy in our body is blood sugar and it comes from the material that we eat like food, fruits, dry fruits, and another kind of healthy kinds of stuff. If it gets decreases in result weakness start to inherit us. The insulin hormones also help to get energy from the food that we eat during diabetes. 

Diabetes patients need their care of them at the level. They should to their family doctor for advice on everything, like food, fruits, and medicines too. It has been seen that diabetes patients most of the time get suffer from digestion problems. In this condition, if they need to take the right decision, cause sometimes wrong decision and wrong medicine may increase their sugar level. 

Sometimes doctors recommend to diabetes patients bring Pachan Sudha. It is available in two flavors khatta and meetha. That flavor is beneficial and works for diabetes patients.   

Pachan Sudha Khatta is a result of heavenly endeavours, acquiring unrest laying out a definition for diabetes mellitus and is effectively connected with miniature and macrovascular complexities on the board.

 What is Diabetes Mellitus?

Diabetes Mellitus is known as a chronic metabolic disease. When insulin secretion is insufficient or insulin fails to function normally, the glucose in the blood cannot be converted into the energy the body needs. As a result, glucose accumulates in the blood and damages blood vessels, and excess sugar is excreted in the urine.

According to the World Health Organization, diabetes is defined as fasting sugar (blood sugar level after 8 hours of abstinence from food consumption other than water) that is greater than or equal to 7.0 mmol/L or glucose level is equal to or greater than 11.1mmol/L two hours after a meal.

Symptoms of Diabetes Mellitus:

Some patients have no obvious symptoms, and the condition is only found during a health check-up. Common symptoms include: frequent urination and increased amount of urine extreme thirst Tiredness Weight loss despite increased appetite itching of the skin, especially in the private parts Wound infection, and poor wound healing.


If you are suffering from diabetes and having digestion problems then you need to go with it (Pachan Sudha Khatta) or you should also convince your family doctor to use it. Because of in most cases diabetes patients are using it in terms of digestion and getting positive responses.








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