Buy Dabur Honitus Madhuvaani & get rid with cold and cough problem

Buy Dabur Honitus Madhuvaani & get rid with cold and cough problem

There is deep and scientific relation between health and season. When the season gets changed gradually our body condition gets changed and try to absorb another level of temperature. In this transformation sometimes the body gets fails to absorb it completely. And body receives cold and cough problems. It is a common and general problem that comes when the season gets changed. Sometimes it gets over and started to pain us. In this condition, we look for some reliable and working treatment. People use home remedies but they can’t work as much as should. In this condition Dabur Honitus Madhuvaani work as a boon. </ span >

Dabur Honitus Madhuvaani:

It is ayurvedic treatment, the piece of all-normal spices works better on cough and cold issues. Its ingredients are more powerful. Have a strong command of cold and cough problems. This ayurvedic syrup has great command over the sore throat problem and gives instant relief. This medicine complete gives ayurvedic impact and also helps in removing the congestion of the chest.


This ayurvedic substance and have a natural herbal composition. All components are lab tested and approved. All are following. .

Sitopaladi churna:

It is a polyherbal formulation that belongs to Ayurveda. It is used to treat many diseases like intercostal neuralgia, pleurodynia, cold, and cough. .

Elaichi (Elettaria cardamomum) :

These natural elements have many effects on the body positively but work for basically mouth infections, congestion of the chest, gastrointestinal disorders, and throat problems. .

Vanslochan ( Bambusa Arundinaria) :

It is also an ayurvedic component that us to treat cold cough-related problems. .

Dalchini (Cinnamomum zeylanicum) :

This natural herbal generally treats Nausea and Vomiting, Headache, and Common colds. .

Madhu :

This natural liquid is used to treat the common cold, cough problem, and also sore throat. .

Gel base:

It helps to maintain cough and cold problem.

Sharkara :

It also plays a vital role in cold cough treatment. .

Advantages of Dabur Honitus Madhuvaani:

This natural composition has a strong treatment for cough, cold and headache.

It provides healing to the dry cough problem.

It provides energy all over the body.

It also keeps safe to lungs and removes infections from there.

How to use it:

It is ayurvedic treatment. But it is medicine so never try to take on your own risk. It would be better if you take suggestions with your physician.

Side effects:

As above have mentioned that it’s all components are natural and lab-tested then it is sure that it does not have any kind of side effects. .

Does Honitus have sugar:

This medicine treats the cold and cough problem, but if you are a sugar patient then do not try to use it, because it has a great level of sugar. It is harmful to sugar patients.


As it is medicine then do not give it to the children.

Keep it in a safe place. It should not be stored in sunlight.

Never take its doses. It can be harmful to your lever.

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